If it is processing of carbon ceramic in the semiconductor industry, environmental measures, power factor improvement, the efficiency improvement of working process, new heater development, leave it to Sanko Co., LTD.

business_headimg 業務内容 Semiconductor Business Development

◎Jig using development in semiconductor factory (transfer jig, desorption jig)
◎Semiconductor equipment unit development (hot N2 generator, LP furnace etc.)
◎New type heater development (graphite heater, kanthal heater, MoSi2 heater etc.)
◎Eco power supply unit development (new power supply unit improving power ratio, higher harmonics wave, controllability)
◎Solution of all categories customer needs (automatic warehouses etc.)



◎Design of the product from customer needs.
◎Design of the in-house product.
◎Customer development product design outsourcing.



◎Manufacture of the corresponding to customer needs.
◎Manufacture of a in-house product.
◎Assembly business of customer product.



◎Evaluation of the corresponding to customer needs.
◎Evaluation of a in-house product.
◎Design, Evaluation & reporting business of customer product.


Sales and Trading

◎Handling of processed goods, such as carbon ceramics, metal, and resin.
(It has abundant contractors and correspondence for all a visitor's needs is possible)
◎Sales promotion of an in-house product.
(The heater for vertical furnaces, N2 heater, the diagnostic unit for automotive control)
◎Proposal of products those make customer satisfaction by abundant products beyond the industry.
(Buffer material, highly efficient thin film, etc.)



◎maintenance of in-house products.
◎Maintenance of semiconductor related various pieces of equipment.
◎The remedy proposals to the fault of various automatic controllers (automatic controller diagnostic unit etc.)