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We think about the prosperity of the customer to the first priority and we with the abundant knowledge and experience are support it for the achievement.


Equipment and unit development that will be from single custom made to mass production product based on the marketing result.

  • Jig using development in semiconductor factory. (Transfer jig, desorption jig)
  • Semiconductor equipment unit development .(Hot N2 generator, LP furnace etc.)
  • New type heater development. (Graphite heater, kanthal heater, MoSi2 heater etc.)
  • Eco power supply unit development. (New power supply unit improving power ratio, higher harmonics wave, controllability)
  • Solution of all categories customer needs. (Automatic warehouses etc.)


Accurate design duties by the expert designer.

  • Design of the product from customer needs.
  • Design of the in-house product.
  • Customer development product design outsourcing.


Toyama development center has class 100 clean room, and it’s possible to products such as semiconductor connection, the pharmaceutical products connection.

  • Manufacture of the corresponding to customer needs.
  • Manufacture of a in-house product.
  • Assembly business of customer product.


General product evaluation in clean room, and the making report.

  • Evaluation of the corresponding to customer needs.
  • Evaluation of a in-house product.
  • Design, Evaluation & reporting business of customer product.

Sales and Trading

Proposal of every product to semiconductor-related company and every industry.

  • Handling of processed goods, such as carbon ceramics, metal, and resin.
    (It has abundant contractors and correspondence for all a visitor’s needs is possible)
  • Sales promotion of an in-house product.
    (The heater for vertical furnaces, N2 heater, the diagnostic unit for automotive control)
  • Proposal of products those make customer satisfaction by abundant products beyond the industry.


The maintenance of semiconductor-related various equipment and suggestion of the superior remedy for the malfunction.

  • Maintenance of in-house products.
  • Maintenance of semiconductor related various pieces of equipment.
  • The remedy proposals to the fault of various automatic controllers. (Automatic controller diagnostic unit etc.)

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