SANKO has full customized annealing furnace lineups at lower price.

e.g.) Furnace with a wide effective area under high temperature is realized by using

MoSi2 heaters placed in entire sidewalls.


  • We produce the annealing furnace with a workstage elevating system. Compared with a front-door-opening type, a small occupation area, a wide homogenized temperature distribution and a low contamination can be realized.
  • Under air atmosphere, maximum temperature of 1,800℃ can be achieved by using MoSi2 heater elements.
  • By using workstage elevating and sliding system, safe and easy work-setting is available.
  • Temperature controller has 19 programs and each program has 19 steps.
  • System condition can be checked by monitoring of the heater current and voltage.
  • Color touch LED display panel is installed and it performs user-friendly operation.
  • Safe operation is available by the interlock system, such as over-heating and an over-current protection.


Furnace size

Available to customize the furnace to customer’s requests.

Occupation area

Minimum 340x340mm~

A wide variety of furnace can be realized such as a front-door-opening type and a workstage-elevating type.
Optionally, work slide structure can be installed in the work elevation system.
Large size Middle size Small size
Resistive heating system Heater material MoSi2 MoSi2 MoSi2
Installation of heater Placed heaters in entire sidewalls Placed heaters in entire sidewalls Placed heaters in entire sidewalls
Inner size W 1,030
D 1,030
H 530
W 730
D 730
H 550
W 380
D 380
H 430
Homogenized temperature area W 1,000
D 1,000
H 480
W 680
D 680
H 550
W 340
D 340
H 400
Power consumption 80kVA 45kVA 35kVA
Temperature controller Renge of temperature 0.00 ~ 1,700.0℃ 0.00 ~ 1,700.0℃ 0.00 ~ 1,700.0℃
Temperature sensor B-type thermo couples B-type thermo couples B-type thermo couples
Resolution 0.1℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Programs and steps 19 programs (19 steps each) 19 programs (19 steps each) 19 programs (19 steps each)
Work elevating system Maximum load 2,000kg 2,000kg 1,000kg
Effective area W: 1,000mm
D: 1,000mm
W: 680mm
D: 680mm
W: 340mm
D: 340mm
Outer size W 1,700mm
D 2,080mm
H 2,600mm
W 1,480mm
D 1,985mm
H 2,310mm
W 1,100mm
D 1,590mm
H 2,260mm