1800ST series

Heat treatment of samples is performed under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere.


  • This furnace is constructed of molybdenum and graphite parts, and any insulators like ceramic fibers are not used for it. Quick response of temperature and vacuum realizes a short-time process cycle.
  • By using molybdenum and graphite parts, very high purity and quality production is available.
  • The work can be sasily and safely set by this top access.
  • Safe system protects from a thermal damage during the heating process.
    e.g.) Water cooling jackets, protective covers.


Maximum temperature 1,800℃(1,750℃)
Ultimate vacuum ×10-5Pa (with a turbomolecular pump)
×10-3Pa (with a diffusion pump)
Atmosphere gas Vacuum and inert gas atmosphere
Pressure of atmosphere 0.07kg/cm2
Dimension (Typical) φ50×70H