1800ST series
Production of high quality products by performing the heat-treatment processing of the product of during the vacuum or a gas atmosphere

Product feature

◎Short cycle evaluation or production will be available by high speed vacuuming and
high speed temperature down, because reactor is assembled low adiabatic structure by
molybdenum and graphite.
◎Very high purity and quality production is available by clean and low out gas annealing.
◎Easy top access is available to reactor inside.
◎Chamber structure has a water cooling jacket, a protective cover, etc. to keeping enough safety and
protecting thermal damage

Standard small high temperature high vacuum atmosphere furnace 1800ST series specification

maximum temperature 1800℃(1750℃)
Ultimate vacuum ×10-5Pa(TMP)
Atmosphere gas a vacuum, atmosphere
Atmosphere pressure 0.07kg/cm2
Dimension phi50×70h