Alumina tube in this resistive heating furnace is filled with inert or oxygen gas and heated for the synthesis of materials.



  • “Vertical” resistive heating system can reduce air contaminations and realize a small occupation area.
  • MoSi2 heater realizes regular temperature of 1,800℃ (max: 1,830℃) under inert or oxygen gas atmosphere.
  • Crucible elevating system has a seamless axis-speed control from precise to coarse.
  • Crucible can be easily and safely set by this elevating system.
  • Crucible and thermocouples (TCs) can rotate in a desired speed.
  • TC monitor data can be logged and available to output in a CSV format.
  • System condition can be checked by monitoring  of the heater current and voltage.
  • “Shutter” on the furnace keeps the temperature constant.
  • Color touch LED display panel is installed and it performs user-friendly operation.
  • Auto power control operation (0-100%) is available by operating recipes.
  • Optionally, auto valve control and MFC operation is available.


Windows can be changed by touching on “slide tub” in the bottom left of the screen.