Vertical resistance heater furnace T11-18VR


Structure & outline

Tool application and outline

This tool is resistance heater type furnace that be able to heat and compound materials. Furnace is formed alumina tube and vertical heater. And reactor is heated at inert gas or oxygen atmosphere.

  • This furnace is able to reduce air contamination and small fut print by adopting vertical resistance heating method.
  • Maximum temperature is 1800 degree C (limitation is 1830 C) by adopting MoSi2 heater.
  • Crucible pulling-rise axis is able to operated seamlessly from precision action to high speed.
  • Crucible up/down system support safety and easy crucible installing and removing.
  • System can control crucible and TC rotation speed arbitrary.
  • TC monitor data can be logged and available to output CSV format.
  • System can check loaded conditions by monitoring heater power and current.
  • Reactor temperature is always stable by furnace port isolation shutter.
  • Keeping high visibility and operability by collar touch LED display panel.
  • Full auto power control operation (0-100%) is available by recipe control and management.
  • Full auto valve and MFC operation is available. (option)


Window switching
Operator can switch window by touching low left “slide tub” when it need to switch windows.