New design heater for semiconductor furnace
Uniform within wafer temperature and quick ramping up / down speed heater

XYZ specification

Heater outside(H/OD/ID) 1100mm/φ480mm/φ335mm
Zone number 4Zone
Rapid cooling mechanism None
Control thermo couple Heater side wall insertion system
(4 place for control, 4 place for over heat protection, with an adjustment mechanism)
Thermal insulation quality of the material Outer : Fine flex time paper
Inner : High purity fiber mold
Quality of an exothermic wire rod / form KANTHAL APM / Wave type heating element
Exothermic line connection circuit Parallel circuit
Terminal part Side wall bus bar up-and-down part arrangement (upper 2 place, lower 3 place) One phi11-mm hole
maximum power supply 38.0KVA
Side wall heater case SUS304t=1.5
Accessories Thermo couple fixing metal